Comenius University in Bratislava, Science Park (CU SP) is in a way still a novelty in Slovakia. The main goal is to create a place to bring together university science and research with industry and the state.

The focus of the CU SP is set on science and research in the fields of biomedicine, biotechnology, enviro-medical and societal challenges of the 21st century in matters of bioethics, law and socio-economic rights.

CU SP  itself is a living organism that must be flexible and able to adapt not only to research and development demands but also the demands of the market. Therefore, we focus not only on the support of applied science and research within their own CU SP projects, but we are also open for the close cooperation with various companies. Simultaneously we strive to maximize the knowledge potential of the Comenius University and the availability of modern technical equipment.

CU SP creates conditions for the emergence and growth of new high-tech business opportunities and provides technical assistance and guidance. Therefore, the part of CUSP is also University Business Incubator, which covers business activities within the CU SP.

In 2012, Slovakia accounted for spending on research and development 0.82% of GDP, while the EU average stands at 2.06%. Research and development are an important part of the economy and contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the region. In addition, Slovakia is classified as low-innovative-active countries in the EU, despite the high potential that it has.

Just the science parks and centers with its long-term strategy, equipment and qualified human personnel can build and provide the missing facilities for research and development of innovative solutions.

The science parks are strongly motivated to cooperate with the private sector and firms. The most common obstacles in collaboration with the university environment is low flexibility of academic institutions. Universities have their own traditional hierarchical system suitable for educational activities and basic research, but is not suitable for transfering of knowledge into practice, commercialization and collaboration with companies. Just flexible approach of science parks and centers with a high concentration of qualified personnel and modern technical equipment in one place can overcome these obstacles. Another obstacle on the part of companies is often distrust of people from academic environment. Sometimes it is necessary to remember that both parties have to work together as an equal partners.


We expect of NPC that it will stimulate cooperation between industry and science parks and centers.


"We support research activities in Slovakia/Project is co-financed by the EU"