Incubatorof the Comenius University Science Park in Bratislava

Social entrepreneurship 1 „Idea Generation“, 4.4.2019

In April and May 2019, the CU SP Incubator prepared a series of workshops for those interested in socially beneficial entrepreneurship together with Mladiinfo.Slovakia.

03. 06. 2019 20.34 hod.

The first workshop named „Idea Generation“ took place on April 4th. The participants, under instruction of the magnificent facilitators Ivana Petriskova and Dajana Dimitrieska, familiarized themselves with the methods of generation of socially beneficient ideas and practiced their generation and evaluation in workgroups. They learned to define problems in their surroundings, how to specify the target group and how to create socially beneficial ideas that would alleviate the problem defined - all in a safe and creative atmosphere of the workshop.

After finishing the workshops, the participants are encouraged to enter the Social Impact Award Slovakia 2019, where they can win support to bring their ideas into reality and other interesting prizes.