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How to find, to identify or to attract a good investor within 3 minutes students learned in a perfect workshop with an experienced lecturer and mentor.

09. 12. 2019 08.19 hod.
By: Inkubátor VP UK

A business workshop for CU students and co-workers took a part on Tuesday, 27 November 2018. The workshop was led by the lecturer Mgr. Peter Marcin, PhD. from the Faculty of management CU in co-operation with Mgr. Slavomír Hruška, the representative of the investor community in Slovakia. Participants learned a lot of practical information in a workshop´s pleasant and creative atmosphere – what the investor is interested in the most, how to successfully create and introduce your business plan to the investor, what the basic points of a presentation are, how to answer the investor´s questions or how to generally act in front of them. The workshop provided the participants with a different point of view on how investors are thinking and also what startup founders should have in mind to gain some capital. The entirely workshop was complemented by a number of practical examples from the investor´s practice. Thanks to the participants for their positive feedback and we look forward to further mutual meetings and cooperation ツ