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About CU SP


CU SP is the result of several years effort of Comenius University to meet the requirements of modern living and increase innovative activeness of Slovakia. CUSP interconnects academic and scientific sphere with private and public sphere that is creating a so-called Triple Helix model (in the picture). This connection should accelerate the process of development of innovative capacities and capabilities in the Bratislava region. Slovak potential is high but not fully exploited. The reasons of that are varied. From complex legislation and technical complexity to financial undercutting (Slovakia outgoings on research and development in 2012 accounted for only 0.82% of GDP, while the average expenditure on research and development in the EU make up 2.06%).

Triple helix model - obrázok troch prerývajúcich sa kruihových plôch, ktoré znázorňujú prepojenie akademickej obce, s privátnou a štátnou sférou
Triple helix model


"We support research activities in Slovakia/Project is co-financed by the EU"