Science ParkComenius University Bratislava

Sparks’ exhibition ‘Beyond the Lab: the DIY Science Revolution’ in the Science Park

A unique exhibition featuring fascinating stories of ‘DIY scientists’ and artists opening up scientific research to the public realm.

20. 01. 2017 09.47 hod.

This pan-European exhibition shows how ordinary people are harnessing science in all sorts of ways: from patient-innovation to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) biology, tackling public health challenges such as air pollution, antibiotic resistance or disease outbreaks.

Equipped with low-cost sensors, smartphone apps and the ability to share information with communities online, these DIY science pioneers are challenging our ideas of who a scientist is and what science and our societies will look like in the future.

Sparks is an EU-funded project to promote Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and show Europeans that that various stakeholders share the responsibility for scientific research and innovation and that they can play an active role in defining health therapies and products.

Over a two-year period the exhibition will travel throughout Europe, visiting four different locations at a time, then moving to another four locations (see the first dates below). Visitors will discover 7 stories of scientists who are bringing science out of the lab right in people’s homes as well as 3 artworks challenging our visions of the future of science, technologies and healthcare.

They will also have the opportunity to get involved in research and innovation during special encounters with experts, created by Sparks partners to engage the public in an interactive way. 

This unique exhibition was conceived to create an experience that could be shared by visitors across Europe, beyond linguistic boundaries. ‘Beyond the Lab’ was specially designed to tour 29 European countries between July 2016 and May 2018.

‘Beyond the Lab’ starts its tour in Bonn (6 July – 28 August), London (7 July – 28 August), Warsaw (14 July – 11 September). During the summer, the exhibition will also come to Ljubljana (date tbc).