Science ParkComenius University Bratislava

Why and How to Commercialize Research in Life Science?

Lecture by Adam Marťák, M.Sc.

06. 03. 2019 12.10 hod.

This was the start of a pilot lecture on 28.2. 2019, whose goal was to awaken and promote interest in life sciences and use in practice, to provide a global view of the life science industry and to open the main themes of commercialization.

A lecture under the auspices of the CUSP, Incubator and in cooperation with Global Shapers Hub Bratislava will continue with three further lectures during the summer semester, focusing on the chosen issue of commercialization in life science.

During the program we also led poster presentation of the EcoInn Danube project, DTP-1-291-1.1, where the CUSP is one of the partners. The EcoInn project focuses on the cooperation of innovation actors with particular emphasis on eco-innovation and the development and application of eco-technologies in the Danube region,